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Another BC vs BU thread

Another BC vs BU thread
« on: May 12, 2009, 10:35:33 AM »
Sory for the redundancy, i searched the BC in the forum, but couldn't find the old BC BU thread.  anyways, what's the big difference between the two, that BU gets ranked 20th, and BC only 26th?  and it has been that way for a while seems?  BU has always been 20ish, and BC been 30ish?  correct me if I am wrong.

and I'd like to throw Emory in that also, BC vs BU vs Emory, if I wanted to stay in New England, it's a no brainer to pick the boston schools right?  but how about national rep wise, which of the 3 comes out ahead?

thank you for you input

Re: Another BC vs BU thread
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2009, 08:53:12 AM »
As most people usually note...there is not a big difference between BC and BU (except for the atmosphere).  BC is located in Newton (not accessible by the Green line, but by BC's bus system), which is a community of million dollar homes and more suburban.  Furthermore, BC's campus is much newer than BU's (with the completion of most of the campus and the law library occurring in the early-00s/late-90s) and has more of a campus feel.  BU has the appeal of location in that it is much closer to Boston, accessible on the Green line and so forth.  However, the "Law Tower" is an abysmal site and desperately needs updating.  It does have amazing views of the Charles (from what I hear).  Definitely visit both to see which atmosphere you would enjoy more. 

Schools ranked from about 20 or so to about 30 have relatively similar placement statistics.  Those schools frequently change places in USNews.  Bu has been consistently ranked above BC since 2004 (maybe 2005).  BC was consistently ranked above BU before then. 

Some people tend to claim that BU has more national appeal (those people tend to be BU students) and that BC has a better reputation in Boston (usually BC students).  Neither have true national appeal in that you will need to have very good grades if you want to leave the Northeast/Mid-atlantic.  Both schools have excellent reputations in Boston, NYC, Philly, DC and so forth.  If you want to stay in New England...pick one of those two schools.

Lastly, take into account $$.  The economy is awful and $$ will certainly alter your decision somewhat.  Goodluck!