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How wide afield can you go for LOR's

How wide afield can you go for LOR's
« on: May 10, 2009, 06:35:33 PM »
Hi guys, here is my situation:  I've been done with undergrad since 1999; I attempted to get a masters between 2000 and 2002, but I was also trying to work two jobs (and take care of two kids that turned out not to be mine, long story) and I never finished my thesis.  Since then I've had a variety of random jobs, and I've been a professional truck driver for about 2 years.  My GPA is strong (even in grad school) and my practice LSAT's are running in the 169-174 range.  However, I have no idea who to get to write my LOR's.  My negative grad school experience was at the same school as my positive undergrad experience, so the profs presumably have mixed feelings about me... of the three I was closest with, two of them have retired, one of whom has died, and one I can't find anything about at all.
Since I am a truck driver, my "boss" in dispatch does not see me on a regular basis or know me very well
So here are my options:

I can ask profs who knew me a little bit several years ago
I can ask the classroom instructor at truck driving school
I can ask my dispatcher who I've met three times
I can ask my best friend's dad (who is a former employer)
I can ask a buddy from undergrad who is a lawyer now
I also have a cousin who's a lawyer, but I'm sure that's frowned upon.

Are any of these remotely gonna help me?