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I have been admitted to a lower tier law school - I am thinking of starting first year at this school, after which I wish to transfer.

I can only take 9 credits in my first year.

I believe this is the only forum where I can seek advise. PLEASE HELP  ???

Re: Transfer
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Um.. Is this a part time program?

I think most schools which take transfers have a minimum credit requirement to be eligible for transfer (usually around 30 credits).  I think there may be some schools which might allow less credits to transfer into their part time program, but I don't know.

If this is a part time program, I think you may be able to transfer to a school after your second year.  You should just look at the schools you may consider transferring to and see what their current requirements are (that way you'll be able to gauge when you could transfer).

With that being said, transferring is said to be difficult.  Only go to a school that you'd be happy graduating from in the worst case scenario.