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I find Asian women more attractive than Caucasian women. Am I racist?

ni hao!


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that's hilarious.

You're white, aren't you? That's such a white guy thing to say. Oh, there are other Asians besides Chinese, duh.

I'm actually not white, at least not according to most.  I'm a second generation Lebanese American (christian, not muslim).

You do see a lot of Asian american women with Caucasian American guys... more than with other races.  Why is that?

its just a natural phenom.. asian chicks dig white dudes and white dudes dig asian chicks. Like bees and flowers and cross pollination o whatevs.

EDIT: oh yeah, and yes you're a racist.

Nope.  I hope the study is more complete than that blurb suggests.  The blurb merely points out that certain stereotypes exists and then assumes that internet dating preferences are based on those stereotypes.  That may or may not be the case, but the blurb doesn't convince me.

For me, the preference has nothing to do with a stereotype.  It's purely physical.  I like shiny black hair, the shape of asian eyes and the physique that many (though, obviously not all) asian women seem to have.  That doesn't mean I am not attracted to women of other races, it's just that I find myself attracted to these same physical features.  For example, I prefer caucasian women with black hair and dark eyes.  The african american women I find attractive often have straight black hair and almond shaped eyes.  I don't know why this is true. 

Definitely not consciously.  My mother had dark eyes, but her hair was reddish brown.  She didn't look very east Asian.

so do you care if she is actually attractive