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Loyola v. Chicago-Kent ($)

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does anyone have any info on Loyola? The graph posted above shows their employment statistics are pretty comparable to kent. Why then the perception that kent is the better school? Is it their IP success?

My opinion is that much of the perception is based on the US News ranking the school higher.  I think you could massage the methodology in any number of somewhat trivial ways and you'll get different rankings of the three schools (CK/L/D). 

US News rankings are based heavily on the perception of the school by academics (25%) and legal professionals (15%), and the quality of the entering class (22.5%).  Kent's records are pretty consistent (the past few years at least) of students who score higher on the LSAT and higher GPA, so that in itself gives Kent an advantage for 22.5% of the methodology.  And naturally higher quality students are going to lead to higher quality output which is going to reflect in higher approval by legal professionals (another 15%).  So immediately on the basis of the student body alone Kent has a 35% edge over the other two schools, and none of this really is a measure of the quality of the school itself. 

Factors that really measure the quality of the school itself like student/faculty ratio, expenditures per student and library quality only factor in at about 15%. 

One other thing, even though Kent is ranked 10 places above the other two, they are only separated by two points out of 100 used to actually rank the schools.  So ignoring the actual ranking, points-wise the three schools differ by 2%.

One thing to point out, I have the rankings from 2008 and whereas Kent and Loyola had the same score both in 2008 and 2010 (45 and 43 respectively), DePaul had a score of 39 in 2008 and was, from what I've heard, ranked T3 a not too many years ago (apparently not many years ago they had some troubled times and their reputation dropped).  So they have actually managed to improve their reputation a bit from the past few years.

For all three schools, I think you need to visit and make your own personal choice.  All three are so close in many ways that it's splitting hairs to say which is better than the other. 

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That makes sense. I agree that all three are pretty close. If even after visiting you are still confused (like I am between Kent and DePaul), consider the specific programs, faculty, adjunct faculty for those programs, and where their students get placed. Rest assured that whichever you choose, working hard and networking will be keys to success.

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