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does admission to supreme court bar matter in terms of law school selection?

I read that 35 Chicago Kent alumni were admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar on April 6. 35 from a non-top 20 school seems impressive. I have been told by another school that it only takes admission to the State Supreme Court to qualify one for U.S. SC Bar admission, but I am wondering if this little tidbit is informative in some way.


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Anyone can be admitted to practice before the USSC. My friend just flew out to DC and got sworn in. I think she said you had to be admitted to the bar in a state and have someone who is already admitted to the USSC vouch for you (basically write a letter on your behalf), for her it was a judge we knew. Then you fly out to DC for the swearing in at the USSC (you can also be admitted to practice in DC w/o taking the bar there so long as you have passed the bar in another state and you apply within 18 months I think).