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Anyone know or have any experience working full time and LS part time?

I'm married with a three year old. My job is pretty flexible and would probably allow me to transfer.
I plan to continue working to support my family however I may take a step back to relieve some stress.
If I took anywhere from 9 to 12 hours and worked 40 hours per week when do I get my studing in? After class at night? On the weekend? I'm guess both.

Just wondering if anyone knew someone who juggled both.

This can definitely be done.  I am going PT, and many of my classmates have spouses, children, and full-time jobs.  You will have to find law schools that offer PT programs of course. 

I try to do most of my studying on the weekends.  It doesn't always work out that way, but there is enough time on the weekends to be able to get your work done.  A little review/catch-up during the week will be helpful as well, but there is not much time for that. 

Check with the schools you apply to about what it takes to get in-state status.  Since my employer transferred me from out of state to the state where the law school was, I have been in-state from day 1. 


Thanks for the reply. How many hours are you currently taking? How was the first year going part time?

I'll probably end up going private so in-state won't matter. My employer has a tuition assistance program that will help with some of the expense.

Going PT while working FT is doable at schools that offer such programs, but don't think it will be easy. General estimates are 2-3 hours of out-of-class prep for every hour of in-class lecture... so those 10-11 credits of courses each semester are going to cost you 22-33 hours of study time. My schedule is that I open and close the library on both Saturday and Sunday (11 hours each day/22 total), put in about an hour each day during lunch (5 total), and then squeeze in some reading during slow parts of the work day or in the library after class.
It's pretty demanding, but it is possible... and it is possible to do well if you're determined. I'd be in the top 1/3rd of my class if PT students were ranked w/ the FT ones... not top 10% or anything fancy, but better than 2/3rds of the other students that don't have to work for a living.
Good luck,

You should see if your school offers a 5 year plan or weekend classes. That might help.