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« on: May 01, 2009, 03:33:08 PM »
I had issues with my health in undergrad and because of that I don't have a great GPA.  I'm really so much more intelligent than my GPA illustrates and I got a decently good LSAT (150+) but even that wasn't where it should have been.

Anyway, enough of my wahmbulance:
My tentative plan is to suck it up and go to the best of the worst that I get into and try my best to transfer out.

So far...

I got into Roger Williams, St. Thomas (FL), Appalachian, and Cooley.

-Golden Gate
-Texas Southern U

I know Cooley is a waste of time, so I already ruled them out.

Appalachian's first year is P/F which is not very ideal since I plan on transferring.

St. Thomas and Roger Williams became, thus far, the best choices. I don't know why everyone seems so angry toward RWU since according to this site I found published last year.. it's not so terrible:

So here are my questions:
1) How easy is it to transfer out; what realistically are schools that will consider me? I've heard rumors that Touro (farther down the list than RWU) has transferred a few students to Columbia and a few to Georgetown... fact or fiction?
2) Of those two schools.. any advice on which to choose? If they're just about the same, I tend to prefer the Northeast.

Thanks so much for any advice you have to give me!