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School (not Federal) grants in these ny schools.....?


School (not Federal) grants in these ny schools.....?
« on: May 01, 2009, 01:02:29 PM »
Is it common for schools to give need based grants that go beyond tuition, up to cost of attendance is a person is unable to attain enough federal money.  (as in sketchy credit).  I had a student loan to default and I am currently restoring it, which is supposed to make me eligible for Stafford again.  I seriously doubt I could get enough to cover it.  If a gal were to get full or partial tuition, not get quite enough stafford, couldn't borrow private, do some schools give grants to cover the rest up to coa?  I am thinking along the lines of Pace, NYLS, Hofstra, St. John's, Touro, Brooklyn LS, the NY area schools.  Anyone know?  I am curious about some Massachusetts schools to if anyone has any input. 

: )  Jemma