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The Zodiac Thread

The Zodiac Thread
« on: April 30, 2009, 08:53:57 PM »
I'm governed by the Virgo sign.

The Virgo male can be a bit of mystery and a confounding character at times. An enigma so to speak. To the Virgo male, the world is an imperfect place, fraught with conflicts, crisis, and potential pitfalls of which he will always be on the lookout for.

He is a perfectionist by nature. He prefers each and every situation in life to be no less than "ideal." Having such a view of the world is what helps to perpetuate the male Virgo's ever present sense of disillusionment with life. After all, we all know what happens when you only expect the absolute best all the time - you end up disappointed and feeling let down. Frustrated, angry, and feeling used.

The Virgo male masks his profound sensitivity and long list of emotional wounds with a barrier of cynicism. He projects a sense of being somewhat "unavailable," and at times can put people off. Virgo's are more likely to make a less-than-friendly first impression, more so than any other sign of the zodiac, and many that are more Virgoan by nature maintain a cool facade throughout life.

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A master of disguises, a chameleon if you will, he may wear many different "hats" in life. He may put on different faces for different people, depending where he is and what group he's currently with. The Virgo male does not like for "his worlds to collide." In other words, he'll act a certain way at work, or with friends, and then he'll act completely different at home. He cannot mix these two worlds completely, for fear that one group may realize that he isn't all that he's previously presented himself to be.

The Virgo male is an enigma of sorts. Secrets, mystery, and a cloak of darkness may seem as if they surround him at all times - melancholy. It may be hard to get through to a Virgoan male in order to truly understand him, and his preconceived notions of the world, as a world full of crisis and failures. Mercury is his ruling planet. This aura of uncertainty and disenfranchisement that surrounds the sign's planetary ruler is analogous to the Virgo males psychology. The Virgo male can simply go MIA when dealing with others - both physically and emotionally - making himself completely unavailable.

Conflict is a dirty word to the Virgo male and it will be avoided at all costs.

Virgo is a mutable (changeable) earth (stable) sign. His sign quadrant is The Second Quadrant, which is that of the emotional environment. One where a persons feelings about the world are of prime concern. His number is 6, which is seen as the devil's number or, in contrast, the number of God's creation, as it took 6 days to create the earth, resting on the 7th. This association is also fitting of the male Virgo's trouble with finding balance or happiness in life. He feels forever "caught in the middle" and Sextrology likens him to the Charlie Browns of the world.

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The Virgo's associated age range is that of 35-42, a time when a man's so called "glory days" are gone. As a result, he may suffer from many irrational fears such as disenfranchisement, phobias, hypochondria, and secret self-loathing.

As a result, the Virgo male may feel as if life is just one big, long, mid-life crisis.

Always seeking perfection, our Virgo males can be critical, judgemental, harsh, obsessive compulsive behavior and hypochondria - along with a myriad of other ailments that they'll convince themselves their forever suffering from. Sextrology considers the Virgo male "The Vehicle." He is here to serve and generate forward movement. A rather unfortunate side effect to his service orientation is that male Virgo's tend to be used, more so than any other sign in the zodiac, as a stepping stone of sorts by women. As someone whom they can propel themselves from.

Fittingly because of this, Virgo can fall prey to a number of doubts, insecurities and fears instilled in him from an early age. He feels socially "cast out" and many Virgo males are born during a period of strife between the parental figures during a marriage. Thus, the ever-present Virgoan balancing act in life, again - caught in the middle - and unhappy with his place and achievements in life. In relationships, the Virgo male likes wholesomeness in his partner. He doesn't wish for her to have a long line of lovers in her past, as he secretly considers himself less sexually knowledgeable than most of his partners.

Don't get me wrong, Virgo's do enjoy sex, however, they feel they may lack the sexual passions and knowledge that are learned through more serious, long term commitments. In light of that fact, however, it is because of his ever present feelings of lacking a true sexual education, that he brushes up on sexuality and things that make a woman "tick." And, again, being a service oriented sign, the Virgo male aims to please and will go to great lengths to do so. He seems to have an undeniable sense of a woman's inner workings.

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One particular side note regarding this: a Virgo male that tends to dwell too much on perfecting the act, performing it perfectly, may render himself useless in doing so. If a Virgo male tends to get "too in his head" regarding his performance and perfecting it, he may fall short and be unable to complete the act. Virgo cynicism relates to his association with the 6th Astrological House of critical analysis and service. He adopts the role of a critic and sets himself towards perfecting the world. He can be overly judgmental and harsh - even to his lovers. However, this is a service that Virgo provides to you. He is pointing out your faults so that you may become a better person by him doing so.

You see, our Virgo male is always "perfecting" everything around him.

He craves information, is very analytical in nature and adopts an air of expertise regarding certain matters. He likes order. He likes organization. He likes to make lists, he likes to read to educate himself, he likes tidbits of trivia and what some would call "useless knowledge." He insists on absolute cleanliness, perfect hygiene, wholistic foods, and will be the first to notice a spot of dirt or a dust bunny in the corner of the bedroom. He channels much energy into forming opinions of others. He likes to problem solve. If you find yourself venting to a Virgo male, you can almost hear the ticking of his mind beginning to develop a solution to your problem for you. Yet another Virgoan service he's providing to you.

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In relationships, those male Virgos who seem to be a bit more Virgoan than others, tend to prefer a woman they can mold to their certain specifications. Secretly, the male Virgoan longs for a mousy type woman - a little house on the prarie type. However, most of them will fight that notion and find themselves drawn to older, more sexually experienced, vampier women, whom they feel they can learn a thing or two from.

Virgo's can be drawn to taboo matters. They like contrasts. They like to see dark skin against light skin, they prefer a mousy woman but will date vampier types. They like voyerism and watching these conflicting dynamics. At times, a male Virgo may find himself fighting inner impulses and will throw himself into a number of situations others may find taboo. As well, when entering and exiting relationships, the Virgo male may adopt an entirely new persona with each. He can be compared to the entertainer, Madonna - completely reinventing himself each and every time.

The Virgo male possesses a built in ability to keep a distance in relationships. At times, Virgo's skepticism may hold him back from taking the plunge in sexual matters. You must be spotless, the house must be spotless, the sheets must be spotless. If anything is out of place - forget it. In the more Virgoan of these men, this can be so troublesome that the Virgo male tends to become the Virgin - the symbol of his sign.

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He feels as if he's ultimately lacking knowledge in this department as well, which doesn't help matters. A male Virgo sees sex as a way to "touch base" with his partner, but not necessarily as an act to take place just for fun or release. As a result, it may become somewhat ritualistic in nature and done only at certain times or for a certain purpose. What the Virgo male may not understand, however, is that he possess a white hot sexuality beneath all of his fears that may hold him back. Once he settles into his skin, his sexuality, and has worked out any instilled issues remaining from childhood by parents who may have taught him sex was bad, the Virgo male can prove to be a very good lover, indeed.

He likes to be seen as a tool, providing his service once again, for his lover to reach heavenly heights. As a result of this, he'll tend to prefer the woman-on-top scenario or receiving oral sex. By providing himself as a tool, he is taking all of the anxiety surrounding his performance, off of himself. Having revealed all of the inner workings of the mysterious male Virgo, please do not see our Virgoan as a figure to be avoided or to pity. Virgo's are an earth sign, and as a result, they will possess a love of the outdoors and gardening. They are a peaceful, stable bunch and are relatively docile by nature. They are tender, caring, and possess an outstanding ability to sympathize and empathize with others. Especially those less fortunate.

They are extremely hard workers and possess a tremendous work ethic. They are a responsible group who cares for and provides for the family unit as a whole. Being a mutable (changeable) sign, they are flexible by nature and can move and evolve with a relationship or changing scene, all the while, maintaining stability and offering themselves as a "rock" to others. The Virgo male will go to great lengths to please a lover or family members. Remember, he's driven by the need to provide a service to others. To assist, to excel, to propel and to love. He keeps everything moving forward, and in a state of perfection. Under all the masks a Virgo male wears, there is a loving, tender, caring person, indeed.

He will achieve his greatest success later in life, when he realizes his role and his value in personal relationships as a service oriented provider.