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Louisville worth losing deposit at T3?


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Louisville worth losing deposit at T3?
« on: April 30, 2009, 06:21:33 AM »
I've put my seat deposit down at Missouri Kansas City as well as a deposit on a apartment.  I was deferred at Louisville, one of my top choices, and will be getting a yay or nay very soon.  I am happy with UMKC, but it keeps bugging me rather or not its worth it to make a last minute switch to Louisville if they come through.  Considering my lease at my current place ends any day now, I kind of need to be prepared to move at a seconds notice if I do get in to U of L.

I am interested in UMKC's family law, and the fact that KC has a larger hispanic community as I speak spanish.  And KC is only 2 hours away, which would make for an easier move.  I am not completely set on one concentration or geographical location.

So my question is this - is U of L that much better to warrant last minute chaos, losing ~$800 in deposits, and paying about 10k more over three years?  My instinct is no, and I think they are both essentially regional schools (#94 versus T3).  Any words of wisdom?