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Save Me,I need your advice ! THX

Save Me,I need your advice ! THX
« on: April 24, 2009, 11:42:24 AM »
Please forgive my odd expression, I am a foreigner, sorry.

    I am a chinese student in China, a far-off country to most of you.

    Occasionally I have recognized the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ,and known this great law school. Both of above info is precious message to me cause my major is law of science in china and I have a great ambition to be a attorney-at-law in US through entering a famous but not so expensive law school in order to earn enough money to build lots of primary school for helping children who can't afford high tuition then discontinue schooling.

    Now I am a LDS, as you all know, I deserve a half tuition waiver, that's great. But I am going to graduate from present school this June or Dec. and unemployed ,my parents get a pension of RMB 40,000(about USD 5830) or so as their yearly income.

    I've got a high score of LSAT last year. Though I know that is a rather high score but I am afraid to submit application to this honor school for financial sake . I am not US citizen so I can't share the federal loan plan to pursue my dream and I know there is not a Repayment Debt Assistance Plan existing in this school by asking the admission office.

    I wander if there exist lots of alternative ways to get different kind of financial aid such as grant/fellowship/scholarship offered by the school or any other organization.

    Deeply thank you for your possible kind reply .

BTW I wanna make some friends here,if you are interested in China , a mysterious country.