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Liberal Arts Schools and Law Schools - Do I have a good chance of getting in?

Right now my gpa is rather low, it's a 3.3 and I haven't taken the LSAT's yet (I'm a year 2.5 student I transfered from a regular music school to a liberal arts school (Trinity Western in B.C. Canada). I am now a poli sci major working on a music minor ... Since I'm at a liberal arts school, a Christian one too, I have to take a ridiculous amount of unnecessary courses (some not so much, others yes). For example I have to take 6 s.h of english (normal), a history, a philosophy, two sciences and one must be a lab (so biology, chemistry), two economics courses,  human kinetics courses including activities, fine arts on top of 42 semester hours of my major and 24 semester hours of a minor. Now I am freaking out about law schools even though I won't be graduating until 2012 ... do I have a shot with my first "real" year at university with a 3.3 average but is heavily afflicted with non-political science and music courses?