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Re: Soon-to-be Lateral Transfer taking questions
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I'm at T30 looking to move to a school in Washington DC b/c of family reasons.  I'd imagine that a move to GW would be lateral, although it's a couple of spots higher.  Do you think top 1/3 would be sufficient to transfer?

Re: Soon-to-be Lateral Transfer taking questions
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Since there is little-to-no information shared about transferring laterally (I know I had a tough time finding advice), I will postpone my finals studying to share what I can to any of you out there considering a lateral transfer.

My situation:

I finished at around the top 40%-30% of my class last semester (haven't been ranked yet)
I currently attend a T2 school and I was accepted to another T2 school (ranked 10 spots higher than current school) with only my first semester grades. 
I will apply to the T1 state school in the state I am transferring to, that school just doesn't accept transfer apps until May 1st, and I'm not holding my breath.
I am transferring because I hate the city I am in, and I am going back to my home state and city, which I am very excited about.

So, feel free to post some questions, and I will offer my opinion.  Or, feel free to ignore this thread too, since I know much of LSD is fixated on the t14 or bust mentality. 

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Re: Soon-to-be Lateral Transfer taking questions
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I am a OL and have a feeling I may be in the same situation after a year--in the sense of possibly wanting to return to the city I live in now. (I chose not to attend one of the schools here because no decent one offered me money.) Do you expect transferring will create problems in your job search? Are you looking for a summer job where you are now or in the area of the school you'll be transferring to? Also, I have read some other people on here talk about being disqualified from OCI by transferring. Is this something you anticipate? Cheers