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Listen to NIN.  Things Falling Apart, All That Could Have Been, The Fragile, and With Teeth are all excellent albums.  Great for a combination of blaring and meditation.

Not my cup of tea.....

Re: Commuting..
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I will be commuting a decent distance to school (about 20 miles), but I'm taking a bus. It will save on gas, plus I can study on the bus. I guess not every city gives you that option, though.

I currently drive an hour each way to work and I do find that music helps me get through the annoying traffic and such, but I agree that I would hate to give up the study time. I know of a girl that bought some sort of voice recorder the converts her lectures into MP3s so that she can listen on her iPod. That might be an idea to help study on the drive.

Re: Commuting..
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Would it just confuse me to listen to random law lectures in the middle of the semester?

I'm not sure that you would want to do that.  Most commercial lectures come with a table of contents.  Just listen to whatever topic you're studying in class (1L courses are pretty similar across law schools).  So if you're on subject matter jurisdiction or Erie doctrine in CivPro class, just listen to that part of the tapes.  Some of my friends also use a MP3 recorder to tape our lectures, though they usually listen to them while reviewing their notes after class or while outlining later in the course.


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Re: Commuting..
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I would recommend, again, the PMBR CDs or MP3s. They go over universal black letter law that applies at every school in every jurisdiction in every class, without going into the nuances of cases or holdings. So you wonít get confused or be learning something you professor is not teaching. It got over basic stuff and offer is, acceptance is, anticipatory repudiation is poo like that. It also be OK if you listen to them out of order of your class because they wonít teach you anything you probably wonít at least touch on at some point in the semester, and if you know the basic rule you might be able to spot in the density that are some of weird old cases you will read. Donít use it to STUDY, just use it to make things clearer for you will your driving to from school. Seriously I wish I had know abut them when I was a 1L.

Re: Commuting..
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2009, 08:26:52 AM »
Some case books are available in mp3, some of my classmates take advantage of that. I don't have a commute and prefer to read rather than listen.