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Future law student asking for support

Future law student asking for support
« on: April 19, 2009, 07:45:29 PM »
Hey all!

I used to post on here all the time but became a lurker once life got too heavy. I just graduated from Cal (GO Bears) last year, and I'm deferring a JD from HLS for two years to do Teach for America in Hawai'i, which is ranked 48th in the nation for public education. I teach 7th grade Math, Reading and Japanese at a conversion charter school that basically services the nearby homeless shelter and kids who live in tents on the beach.

My kids have been superstars, but the high school they're gonna end up going to has a 45% graduation rate and it's been a challenge getting them passionate about education. A few months ago, I decided the biggest impact I could make would be to take them off the island, so I'm planning on taking 15 of them on a 2-week trip to Japan in the summer of 2010 (between 8th grade and high school).

Long story short, my kids and their families have literally nothing and taking a group that size takes $60,000. I've given about $2000 of my own money to get the trip started up and partnered up with a 501.3c nonprofit to help raise funds for my students. I've been a lurker on this board (as well as XO and LSD) for years and know a lot of people come through here. I'm asking for help!

- I've set up a way for people to donate online through the non-profit I'm a part of. If you visit you can make a tax-deductible donation to my kids and I'll have them write you thank-you letters. It's just like buying something off amazon, and you can give as little or as much as you want. Just $25 (it's like 1 meal in NY) would make a world of impact on my 7th graders.

I'm leaving my e-mail address in good faith. It's cldreamer at gmail dot com. If you have any questions about my school or my kids or the trip or have any advice, please e-mail me and we can talk.