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Is there anyone else out there that checks this board?

I'm completely foreign to the Philly/Camden area so any advice would be appreciated. I'm going to be attending the Summer Jumpstart program too, so does anyone know anything about the housing situation? I may live with on-campus housing for my L1 as I don't have much time to search for anything else.

Anyone else excited?

Hey there -- I'm pretty sure RU-C is the ticket.  How much digging have you done?  Brand new 37 million dollar building, good historical ranking (5yr average is above Seton Hall for instance), sweet location, good people, salary/placement info. I am not much of a poster, I've just enjoyed skimming these forums for giggles and shits. I was surprised that there isn't more to be found on RU-C, but quite frankly, it is just fine if it's a bit of a secret. 

Anyway, it'd be great to see things take off.  I think between the faculty, location, etc. I will be happy there.  I'm visiting in a couple of weeks, so I can provide a first hand account of the place (assuming you haven't been yet???). When does the summer session start btw?

Graduating Rutgers-Camden 3L here.  I loved the school.  Camden may sound like a tough place, but the area the school is in is pretty nice and Philly is literally right across the bridge (less than 5 mins.).  I have a federal clerkship lined up and I believe a decent portion of the graduating class has jobs as well, primarily because we place a lot of students into state-level clerkships (which in this economy is a very good thing, much better than having no job at all).  The top of the class consistently pull down big-law in Philly, NJ, and few NY, but NY is mostly reserved for the very top of the class.  The students are mostly cooperative and the faculty are great.  No complaints here, solid education, and affordable too (assuming you're in-state). 

p.s. if you're looking for a place to live I know a lot of people live in The Victor in Camden.  It's a little pricey, but its literally a block from the school, right on the waterfront, and very nice.   A lot of students live in Cherry Hill and Haddonfield as well.  Some also live in Philly, but I'm not sure how in-state tuition works if you live in Philly. 

I'm taking the summer Contracts class with Korobkin...I will stay with my parents 25min away for the summer and commute, but I'll be looking for a place and a roommate for the fall.  If I were going to pick a place to stay without visiting the area, I would be comfortable choosing the Victor, although cost may be a factor in that decision, as it costs around $1000/mo for a single.  I didn't visit the dorms, but they have a virtual tour on the website (not for me, but a very simple option for someone in your situation).  I plan to see what is out there in the nearby towns of Collingswood, Westmont, and Cherry Hill (you can forget Haddonfield, waaay too expensive).  Good luck!

The summer classes start 5/26 (this is off the top of my head, ymmv).

I'm working out payment and everything as I sort of waited until the last minute minute to allow (theoretical) other acceptances to roll in. Does anyone have a good resource about the cost of living / books at Camden? I'm at a loss for how much to borrow at the moment.


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