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Looking for some advice.

Looking for some advice.
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Hey Everyone. Quick question to those who are experts in this area. My freshmen year, I attended a CUNY university in NYC. That year, I graduated from HS a year earlier because both of my parents were going to jail and all they wanted for me to do is just go somewhere. Needless to say, my first year at my CUNY, I did horribly in school because being alone at 17 years old with both parents in jail was VERY hard for me. I ended up with a 2.85 for 28 credits. For my sophomore year, I transferred to Pace University, finance major and have a cumulative GPA of  3.79 for 71 credits 9 giving me a cumulative GPA of 3.52). I am taking practice LSATs and plan to score in the 175-180 based on what I see from my progress. Also, some of my soft factors are starting my own business at 14 years old ( being featured in Young Entrepreneur magazine as well as interview with UK BBC), working in Fidelity as an Intern for 1 year as well as beginning my own non-profit organization geared at helping children whose parents are in jail.

Do you think that when the counselors see my cumulative 3.52 they will toss my application, or will my story of really struggling emotionally my first year of college help me out. Will they even look at my transcript to see that I transferred or will they just think I was lazy in school? Does my personal situation matter ?

I have been working really hard  to  make sure that I will get into the top schools over in NY ( Columbia, NYU) so please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.




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