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Waitlisted in multiple years

Waitlisted in multiple years
« on: April 06, 2009, 09:53:16 PM »
I was in my former LSAT instructor's office today and listened to a girl who has been waitlisted multiple times by three schools: Duke, Vanderbilt and Michigan, twice each. These schools obviously felt she would be a good addition to their schools or they would not have waitlisted her.

My LSAT instructor believes that any applicant waitlisted in two consecutive seasons at a school should be guaranteed a seat in the following year's class, but without an institutional scholarship, just to add some disincentive for waiting rather than accepting another school's offer in the current year's cycle.

I suspect that waitlisting in multiple years at the same school(s) is rare enough that few applicants would actually be in position (or inclined to) take advantage of the guarantee.

Does anyone here agree/disagree? Has anyone here had that experience? Do you believe this would be good policy? And what effect, if any, would such a policy have on schools?