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choosing between Wayne law school and IU--Indianapolis law school


Hello, everyone,

I am an international student from Asia. I have been admitted in both Wayne and Indianapolis law schools.
Wayne has waived my half tuition ($12,250/per year), while IU--Indianapolis just grants $7,500 scholarship/per year(the tuition would be $26,875/per year).

Since IU--Indianapolis ranks around 70s in USNEWS while Wayne ranks around 100 (T3), I am in a delimma and have no idea which to choose. Is there any advice or suggestion you guys could give me? Can you give me more information about the security and the legal market in Indianapolis and Detroit? I appreciate your kind help!

Best for you!

Sorry no one's answered your post yet.  I am currently attending Wayne State Law School and graduate this May.  The school is great for the most part.  There are a couple professors I'd recommend avoiding if possible, but most of them are excellent.  The tuition is reasonable and almost 90% of students that graduate go on to pass the bar the first time.  I don't know much about Indianapolis U, so I can't say much regarding it, but I can say that I really think you'd like it at Wayne, especially given the lower price tag.


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