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Need Input for Law School Admissions

Need Input for Law School Admissions
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:37:14 AM »
Hello people,
I've been thinking about going to law school for about three or four years. Naturally I'm still think about it. I haven't taken the LSAT yet so I want to know what range I should shoot for. I'm 31 years old and I'm currently getting a Masters at NYU. So by the time I apply to law school I will be 33. I will have to look at part time programs since going full time isn't really an option for me. I work in the IT field and would like to go into Intellectual Property. I'm looking to go more into corporate law. Here are the schools I'm considering:

-Brooklyn Law School
-Seton Hall
-Rutgers Newark

So here are some stats and fun facts

-UGPA 2.8 (I know its not high but I went to a reputable engineering and technology school. I didn't think I was going to get into NYU with this GPA but hey here I am  ;)My GPA dramatically improved the closer I got to graduation so I think that helped.)

- GGPA 3.5 (still new to the program so I can get this up)

-Work experience
-USAF Communications and Information Officer 4 years (got several awards including one from the former chief of staff of the AF (I'm not kidding on this); also worked on radio and satellite communications systems)
-Currently work as an IT consultant
-I'm female & a minority.

Re: Need Input for Law School Admissions
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2009, 05:50:37 PM »
Even with a good background like what you have, the GPA will be problematic.  I don't wish to start a discussion on the topic, but, yes, being a female minority can skew things in your favor quite a bit.  According to the LSAC site (, Fordham is probably out of reach no matter what.  For the other schools, you may have a decent shot if you can score really well on the LSAT.  Seton Hall and Cardozo will be iffy even with a good score, but the other two will probably accept you if you can score in the top quarter or so.
I would like to ask, though, why you are going to grad school if your real goal is law school.  What purpose does all the work and money to get that degree have if you're eventually going to do something totally different?

Re: Need Input for Law School Admissions
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I thought NYU was going to be out of reach but guess what....I applied and I got accepted even with a lower UGPA. So I don't think Fordham will be out of reach. It seems that alot of these schools care about LSAT scores.

Not too concerned with Seton Hall or Rutgers. The school I got my undergrad in have an agreement them and its one of the better schools in the state.

To answer your question, because I wanted to get a Masters and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to law school.  Plus my job is paying for most of it.There is nothing wrong with getting a Masters and then going to law school. And IT and IP are very much related.


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I applied in my 30s with an existing masters.  My UGPA and GGPA were worse than yours.  I had a fairly decent LSAT (160-165).  I only applied to one T1 and was rejected, but got accepted to three of the four T2 schools that I wanted to go to and all three of the four T3/T4 schools.  Also picked up varying degrees of merit scholarships. 

Being female probably isn't going to help you, but minority status may assuming you're an under-represented minority. Military service and distinction should definetly help you.

Ultimately your LSAT score is going to make or break you however.  If you score high (165+) you may have a shot at Fordham.  Score low and you can forget about the T2 choices as well.