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2L seeking some advice on life after law school

Re: 2L seeking some advice on life after law school
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Thank for the advice. You're right, in this economic climate, anyone from any school should feel fortunate to have a job. I'm going to hold onto the position I have for now. Additionally, I plan to look into FL and DC firms this summer to see what my options might be. Unfortunately, I checked out the dates for the NY and FL bar- they are on the same dates , so I cant take them at the same time. You confirmed by suspicions that it will likely be difficult to crack the DC market this year.

Hmmm.  That's lousy.  Sorry to hear.

Thanks. Yeah, I think they must do that on purpose or something.

Re: 2L seeking some advice on life after law school
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Check out Greenberg Traurig.  Offices in NY/Miami/West Palm (if I remember correctly).  They're supposedly a good firm to work for, so I don't think you'll have to worry about training.

Thanks. Assuming they are willing to interview 3Ls, they are the top of my list.

Re: 2L seeking some advice on life after law school
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realistically, the problem with option 2 is that nobody wants to hire laterals with less than 3 years, so if you start in NY that is what you are committing to, unless you are able to switch offices within a firm, as somebody suggested. The reason you can't find IP work in big Florida firms is that neither Orlando nor Miami is a major center for tech. Good IP firms tend to be in places like Silicon Valley, Boston, DC, Seattle, etc. New York has good IP because it is such a big market and there are synergies with business like M&A. I am not sure what you mean by governmental affairs, but if you mean regulatory work that is mostly in DC. The thing people forget is that people tend to hire firms in their areas, so a local economy that is good for one thing will tend to have law firms that are good at that.

Thank you for your advice. My main concern about starting in NY is that I will get stuck here for 2 or 3 years. I've already done long distance with my fiance for almost 3 years, and doing that much more is not an option. The firm I will work for has a small office in FL, but I dont want the possibility of 3 more years of long distance hinging on the prospect of working there. In all likelihood, I will probably look for firm jobs in FL and the southern region of the country, even if it means sacrificing my professional interests (in IP) for a few years.

I think it is risky to assume you can transition into IP after having worked in another specialty to a few years. What is the long term plan? To work in Florida for a few years and then relocate? Incidentally, have you considered the NC research triangle? It has proximity to Florida and has a lot of tech, so I assume there must be decent IP firms there.

Thanks for the response. I think you're correct- I'm not sure how easy the transition would be to go from working in corporate matters to something like IP which is why I'm trying to find firms that have both. The long term plan, given the current circumstances, is to work in FL for a few years and then move to the West Coast for a few years. The NC Research Triangle is a good suggestion. My fiance will have on campus interviews this fall. During the summer, I should have a better sense of the employers that are coming to interview and our viable options.