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Anyone heard of "Academic Initiative Action" (AIA)?

Anyone heard of "Academic Initiative Action" (AIA)?
« on: March 29, 2009, 01:31:24 PM »
Affirmative Action really exists for everyone, if you think about it. Legacies for the rich. Ethnicity considerations for exceptional URM's. Geographic considerations for talented out-of-state applicants. And then there are the "Academic Initiatives".

UCLA and NYU are among the first elite schools to use it, but it's a great substitute for AA b/c it includes EVERYONE!

UCLA's Critical Race Studies option gives applicants a huge bump in their chances for admission at UCLA Law b/c of UCLA's mission of training lawyers who are A) sensitive to society's race issues and B) intent on using that knowledge to address racial problems in the legal and business fields, as well as in their communities.

Schools that steer students into public interest fields, offering scholarship/fellowship incentives (like NYU Law), and offer binding scholarships on their basis, are also practicing AIA.

So...if white students would like to benefit from theior own form of AA, these options are available and have been for a long time. The only thing you must be wary of is that, professing a specific academic interest means a a real commitment, so don't lie. You may get called on it if you gain admission but don't follow the script. And schools like NYU will yank your scholarships and/or expell you.
This all goes to say that...nobody should be griping about Affirmative Action. If it exists for everyone, then, somewhat paradoxically, it really doesn't exist at all.

Re: Anyone heard of "Academic Initiative Action" (AIA)?
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My thoughts are same that if we think then and only the Affirmative Action  exists.