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Ive been accepted to both for Fall 09. Still undecided as to where I should go, here is what I am considering:
Cal Western Pros
   (1) Highest bar passage rate in San Diego 85%
   (2) Very nice library
   (3) Down town location
   (4) Oldest law school in SD
   (5) Well respected in the community
   (6) At least some of the faculty are awesome (like Paul Gudel-Contracts)
   (7) Moot Court room amazing
Cal Western Cons
   (1) 13% dont make the grades and are kicked out after first year, higher rate of academic       attrition than USD(3%), Thomas J. (4%).
   (2) Parking hard to find
   (3) Not offering me a scholarship

Thomas Jefferson Pros
   (1) Student satisfaction higher than USD and Cal W
   (2) Relocation in 2010 to state-of-the-art 8 story building downtown
   (3) Scholarship
   (4) Friendly staff and faculty
   (5) Rising Bar passage rate to above California average
   (6) Innovative programs for Law school success and Bar passage
Thomas Jefferson Cons
   (1) Ranked the lowest in San Diego compared to Cal W and San Diego
   (2) Lowest Bar passage rate than the other two SD law schools

If anyone can add to any part of my list, id be grateful

Cal Western

Im afraid you are incorrect in your assessment TJ Troll, about both schools. First off, I never said that TJSL had an attrition rate of 4% after 3 years, I said 4% were kicked out after their FIRST YEAR because they didnt make grades (Please go back and check).

A common mistake that you and a lot of others make when looking at attrition rates come from not distinguishing between students that left for Academic reasons, and students that left for Other reasons. Let me give you two relevant examples:

Cal Western
After 1L
~12% (39 people) forced to leave due to academic reasons
~18% (60 people) left for other reasons
After 2L &3L
2 people forced to leave due to academic reasons
15 people leave for Other reasons

Thomas J
After 1L
~4% (20 people) forced to leave due to academic reasons
~6% (30 people) left for other reasons
After 2L & 3L
5 people leave due to academics
34 people leave for other reasons

(if you would like to know my math, feel free to check)
TJSL: -20(academic) -30(other)= -50 (11% out)4% Academic Attrition
Cal W: -39(academic) -60(other)= -99 (30%out)..12% Academic Attrition
USD: -9(academic) -29(other)= -38 (11%out).3% Academic Attrition

Thomas J
Cal Western:

Ive seen your post history, and know your opinions on Tier 4 schools. But if your going to make a habit at bashing schools like Cal Western and Thomas J, you should at least get better at it, and get your info right.

TJ Troll is right, they both have horrible attrition and the T4 is a godforsaken mess. And really, he's right that neither is the best option. My earlier opinion was based on the choice between the two, but neither is TITCR.

Why, pray tell, do you rely on the advice of annonymous bloggers who do not have a vested interest in your future?  You've made some solid observations.  Lesson 1 of law school:  take the facts, analyze, and reach a conclusion.  Instead of wasting your energy writing an exegesis on why a buffoon is a buffoon, pay attention to yourself, and your feelings on where is a better fit.  The best thing I ever did was disregard the stupidity of the posturing on this board and enroll at the school whose modus operandi best jibed with mine.  If I were to help prospectives, I'd yell this from the rooftop and get rid of useless "Which is a better school?" threads.  You'll understand soon enough. 

Good luck and congratulations on getting accepted! 


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