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« on: March 24, 2009, 05:53:54 AM »
I have two PS I have outlined and was wondering if one subject was better than the other.

#1 - My sister was arrested when she was 12, I was 8, i felt helpless....I want to help others..yada, yada
#2 - I am non-trad and recnetly did volunteer tax work. There was one family in particular I helped..I want to help others with tax law..yada, yada

I was also thinking I could write #1 and then just add in a short ph on my volunteer work.

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I don't know about either one. I've read tons of suggestions for personal statements, and they highly recommend against writing about how you've wanted to be a lawyer since you were (insert young age here). After all, what kind of credibility or foresight does an eight year old have? Lol, writing a personal statement was a little tricky for me, but I would try to explain a little bit more about yourself, then tell why you want to practice law or why you would be an asset to the profession. It doesn't have to be one experience or time in your life. Build a big picture of yourself!

Just my opinion.

Good luck!

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I agree with erica.  All the research I've done has said to stay away from the "why do you want to be a lawyer/what moment did you want to be a lawyer" type essays. I do like the first topic though, but instead of going in the direction of how it made you want to be a lawyer, write about how much it effected you emotionally and how it somehow changed your character.  Hope this helps...


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I think either is fine and it probably doesn't matter much what you write. Judging from the quality of my PS and the schools to which I was admitted, I wouldn't bank on it ever even being read by an adcom. ;)