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The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PT


The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PT
« on: March 10, 2009, 12:58:28 AM »
Just like my other post, I've went through this book (just the LR).  Found these questions to be still confusing.  Please help me. Again, I greatly GREATLY appreciate the assistance. 

PT 29: sec 4:

#2 – Is the answer (A) because of the statement “To the extent that homelessness…”?  Although this question was #2 it is slightly confusing…. Maybe I didn’t understand the stimulus?

#19 – For this, the answer is (B) because while the stimulus is talking about the perception of the “own” employees but (B) talks about those employees’ feelings toward jobs of “others”?

#23 – The answer is (E) because of the statement “But nothing that burns…COULD EXIST for more than about 100 million years”.  The COULD EXIST implies that a quasar cannot exist any longer than that?

PT 30: sec 2:

#20 – I know I have already posted this question before and had a few responses.  But I am still confused about this stimulus and the answer choice (E).  Please help me.

#26 – I’m not understanding how (B) can be the answer is this case.  Is (B) the answer because by failing to consider how chemistry differs from alchemists’ shows that the author did not show the “blemish” mentioned in the stimulus?

PT 30: sec 4

#9 – I chose (A) and the correct answer was (B).  Is (B) correct and (A) not because of the phrase “unlikely to be taken” (stimulus) and “it will probably be” (B) are similar?  And choice (A) not because “challenger may win” (A) is different from the phrase from the conclusion of the stimulus?

PT32: sec 1:

#11 – I just wanted to make sure if I was in the right direction.  The choice (D) is wrong because the stimulus states “…CAN quickly learn…” making the three factors not necessary conditions.  And (B) is the correct answer because the stimulus states that “prior experience along will be of little value…” So this isn’t sufficient or necessary.  Am I right?

PT33: sec 1:

#22 – I’m not sure how (B) is the answer.  Is this because that is already mentioned in the stimulus?


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PT34: sec 2:

#11 – The answer is (C) because the stimulus initially talks about “in theory” while it concludes like it is a fact? Therefore the confusion?

PT34: sec 3:

#21 – Is the answer (C) because this would be best to support the change by showing a stable variable (the same food items)? I’m confused.

#25 – What is the main pattern in this stimulus?

PT35: sec 1:

#13 – (D) is the answer because by subjects confirming that the beliefs are true undermines the last sentence of the stimulus?

#23 – (A) is the answer because the stimulus bases everything on the “survival”? Help!

PT35: sec 4:

#12 – Is the answer (C) in this case because this choice shows that mothers who did not eat that diet have no problems, therefore showing having one problem is OK when eating the nutritious diet doctors recommend?

PT36: sec 1:

#12 – I didn’t know making a shift could be a vulnerability?  I noticed it while solving the problem that the argument goes from retail prices to costs but this can be a weakness?

PT36: sec 3:

#19 – What is the pattern in the stimulus?  It seems to me, overgeneralization because father doesn’t like something everyone should be same.

PT37: sec 2:

#22 – (B) is the answer because the stimulus is basically saying some think the punishment for crimes should be mitigated but in the end it shouldn’t because it would be based on motives and is a matter of conjecture – so should not mitigate?  So (B) stating harsh punishment is better than overly lenient one fits?  If I’m wrong what’s the logic?

#23 – Roxanne is saying people shouldn’t buy new ivory and buy antique ivory because it won’t affect the poaching (because they don’t need to fulfill the demand).  Salvador is saying because demand for antiques are higher than supply, they are buying new ivory instead.  He also says people shouldn’t buy ivory at all – leading to drop in demand.  So to do this question, I have to pick a choice that these two individuals will disagree on (one agree/one disagree).  So, (B) doesn’t seem like a real good choice but is this the reason why that is the answer? – Salvador will agree to this statement because he is saying new ivory demand is high because antique demand is high, thus if antique demand is low, new ivory will lower too (?).  And of course Roxanne will disagree.


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« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2009, 01:00:35 AM »
PT37: sec 4:

#15 – I’m overall confused with this answer choice.  Please clarify.

#19 – Large scale government projects only benefit small segments but eventually all.  The more equal power is distributed the less projects receive funding. Government referendum rather than means of elected tend to diminish welfare of a society.  SO, because government referendums = less power distributed equally, projects receive more funding.  SO, because projects are funded, this enhances the welfare? I feel like something key is missing….

PT38: sec 1:

#10 – This is basically countering by showing the typewriters still exist? (A)

PT38: sec 4:

#21 – I understand the stimulus slightly.  I can’t seem to find the connection between the stimulus and the answer choice.  I’m confused, yet again.  Please help.



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Please... anyone?


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bump again.......


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I have no idea, I failed the LSAT, but its Friday night, go out, meet real humans, have some fun, worry about this Monday.
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Won't happen

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Won't happen

Haha! Made me laugh out loud..

I'm on the west's not quite Friday night for me's ok for me to be posting.
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