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Advice needed

Advice needed
« on: March 03, 2009, 09:00:50 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I have a pretty good lineup of people who are willing to write recommendations for me.  I have a diverse group of people who know me in a variety of capacities.  They have all asked what I want discussed in the letters and that has made me wonder what points should be emphasized to make an effective LOR?  I am planning to apply to some schools where I think a strong LOR might give me a competitive edge so I want to make sure that this aspect is well-covered.  Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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You should take advantage of your LOR writers asking you what you would like them to discuss in your letter, especially if you believe your particular schools will look favorably on strong LORs. 

Since you have individuals who know you in a variety of capacities, you should reflect on your relationship with each individual and what qualities of yours s/he is in the best position to comment about.  For example, if one of your LORs is coming from an employer, you may wish to ask her/him to discuss characteristics related to your employment, i.e.) dedication in the workplace, desire to assist co-workers, effectively balancing work and school, punctuality, etc...  Next, you will benefit the most if you can provide your LOR writers with specific qualities and/or instances that your LOR writers have witnessed.  There is no need to be modest in this regard.  If you have worked your way up from dishwasher to sous-chef, ask your employer to discuss how your motivation to excel at work, as exemplified by ability to stand out in the workplace, will translate into motivation to excel in law school.  Giving your LOR writer tangible examples in which your writer has been personally involved or has personal knowledge will serve you much better than requesting a generic recommendation.

The key to an effective LOR is to give your LOR writers specific personal traits and examples that they have personally witnessed in their relative capacities in order for them to truthfully, effectively, and most importantly, enthusiastically recommend your acceptance to law school.

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thanks for the response, it's very helpful :)

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no problem.