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Discuss law and make some $$
« on: March 02, 2009, 10:28:11 PM »
Hello all,

On we know that law students can use some extra cash,
As a result we have the following structure in place,

Paid forums (subjects), if you post in these forums with quality posts, relevant and on topic you could get paid!.

* you post 3 test posts to qualify as a paid poster
* you PM the admin (me) to point to your posts for evaluation and apply for paid posting
* You must be approved before you become a paid poster, so during this time either don't post or do so for free!
* you can only have 1 account
* you only get paid in the Subjects forums
* 1 upload in the case notes sharing counts as a post
* You post only on topic and only if you actually study or studied the subject
* Your posts mustn't be recognized as flood or spam
* You will get paid $0.10 (10 posts is $1)
* Minimal payment is $5 ( 50 posts)
* There is a max of paid posters, so if its full its full.