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Potentially Unique Case - Michigan Deferral

Potentially Unique Case - Michigan Deferral
« on: March 02, 2009, 08:10:32 PM »
Okay, so I applied to Michigan during the 07-08 cycle specifically requesting deferred admission, which was granted. So obviously that's where I'll be going.

The (multi-faceted) question is this: How does Michigan typically inform admitted students of merit based aid, and is this handled by the admissions office or the financial aid office? I know you're 'automatically considered' for merit aid, but I received no info. following my initial acceptance and am not sure whether it's because I'm not getting any or if it's because I deferred and they figured they'd deal with me closer to the time of my entrance date (which is May 09). I will be submitting all my other required financial aid information very soon and just want to make sure that any (potential) merit money is known about and included before the rest of my aid package is calculated and presented to me. And FWIW, my LSAT/GPA combo would place me just slightly ahead of the middle of the pack, so it's not a no-brainer whether I should be expecting money or not. Also, I'm very, very white.

Clearly, I'll get in touch with the school about this, I just (a) wanted to know if I could get any info on here before bugging them; and, (b) was hoping I might find out which is the appropriate office to pester about this before shooting off emails/phone calls.

Many thanks to anyone who can help!