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Thomas M. Cooley Vs. Nova Southeastern AAMPLE program

Re: Thomas M. Cooley Vs. Nova Southeastern AAMPLE program
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My son is taking the AAMPLE program at Nova. Thus, let me share my view of it.

When I first heard about it, my initial thoughts were, "It was a scam. Here they charge a lot of money for courses that don't count for law school credit and only  give at best a 50% chance of being admitted." However, as I looked into the results of the AAMPLE program, I was very impressed. Most of the kids who are admitted through AAMPLE usually are among the top students at the law school, and certainly as a group, beat out those with higher LSATs. In fact, the correlation for success is quite astounding. Even students who don't pass AAMPLE, usually do among the best students at law schools.

My son was admitted into both AAMPLE and into Cooley. The results were so successful for AAMPLE grads, that I suggested to my son that he take the AAMPLE program even though he was fully admitted to Cooley. Be advised: the AAMPLE program is not for the weak hearted. It works the kids to death. You really need to put in at least 60 hours of work, in addition to the classroom time.