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Curves:  3.2 avg for 1Ls, 3.4 for 2+3Ls.

Cool. Anything over 3.1 is very cool.

Re: Illinois 1L - Ask away
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I realize you are a first-year student, but can you provide details on the breadth of the intellectual property program?

Well, very late reply here, and likewise a(n ex-)1L (about to be 2L) but IMHO Illinois is pretty solid for IP.

Some of the T14 try to compress all of basic IP ((C)/TM/patents) into a single class, or so I've been told by people who've gone to them;  Illinois breaks them all out into separate full classes, and has a good patent prosecution class taught by a longtime practitioner (and adjunct professor).  Kesan (patents) and Maggs (teaching trademarks this upcoming year) are both highly-regarded from everything I've heard of them.  I'm not sure who teaches copyright.  (I think trade secrets is combined with another class, but I'm not sure which.)

There are several upper-level courses on IP which aren't taught every year.  I haven't seen the schedule, but there are a bunch that I want to take if they get offered (such as patentability- and clearance-opinion writing).

The IP Law Society has some ties with Chicago-area IP boutiques and biglaw firms with IP groups, and has a few panels and meet-and-greets.

I'm pretty happy with the school and its offerings.  Hope that helps.