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BYU 1L Taking Questions

BYU 1L Taking Questions
« on: February 24, 2009, 09:57:41 AM »
If there are any admitted students that are thinking about BYU feel free to ask some questions and I can give you my perspective.

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***this is a question I just answered on another board and I though I should post it here.*******


BYU Law has a reputation for being ultra competitive, as there are a lot of students who pass on higher schools for the BYU experience and want to make it worth their while. Do you find this the case? It seems that there are more highly talented students at BYU than there are great job opportunities.


There are definitely plenty of students who pass on higher ranked schools to come here making the curve tough to beat, but at any school beating the curve will be tough. About jobs...two thoughts

1. As you probably know not too many 1Ls get paid gigs their first summer any way though I do know of fellow 1Ls that are getting paid the big bucks this coming summer. That said BYU has one of the best externship programs in the country. Around 50 of us are going to work abroad at firms in the coming summer, at least 10 of us will be at Baker and McKenzie offices (literally all over the world.) If you aren't interested in international, there are still many many domestic firms who want 1 or 2 BYU 1Ls for externships during the summer. So it seems from my perspective that at least for the first summer there are plenty of opportunities.

2. I just got back from NYC where I was doing informational interviews and a few real interviews. One partner at a large firm said something that stood out. He said that their firm was having a tough time getting BYU students because they only interview from the top of the class and then he said that BYU students at the top of the class can pretty much work at any firm so they lose out to the more prestigious firms. From what I have seen this seems to be true. BYU is now placing students in the largest firms all over the country. Friom what our career service office has said and other lawyers, the next step for BYU is to get big firms to interview from deeper within the class.

This said, there seems to be plenty of opportunities, primarily because of the tight network of attorneys associated with the school around the world, though the next year or two may be different with the economic climate the way it is. So far I am greatly pleased with job prospectives.

On a personal note, I wasn't sure if I would come to the school until I met with the career service office. They are amazing and are able to give you all the personal help that you need. You can just walk into their office when ever you need.

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LSD has gone downhill. You should just stick to TLS.

Btw, I know the kid who's #1 in your class.