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« on: February 13, 2009, 05:45:06 AM »
I just received a full scholarship to Arizona state. The only stipulation is to just stay in good standing.  My husband says that wherever I go to school is where we are going to stay, so we would stay in Phoenix after I graduate.  Does anyone have any idea how well ASU does in Phoenix.  Does Arizona grads beat out ASU grads as far as jobs in the area? Am I a fool not to just go to Emory on probably a 1/2 tuition scholarship and stay in ATL? I would be taking on alot more debt that way though.

Re: ASU??
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i cant say what you should do regarding depends on your situation that i and no one know about or should know about (what you and your husband make, kids, hosue, etc).

I do know that ive applied to both UA and ASU.  Ive heard both do very well in the phoenix market.  Im hoping to get into ASU.  If so ill let u know.