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« Reply #20 on: February 17, 2009, 11:08:22 PM »
We don't do Crim Pro.  Thanks for the suggestion.  CivPro I was, by far, my favorite class last quarter, and I loved all the FRCP details (I even inserted the advisory notes into my exam). 

I guess we think differently.  What do you plan to practice after graduation?  You seem like you would be a good oral advocate, judging by your LSD persona.  Possibly crim defense for you.

[touches nose; points finger at you.]

Got it in one.

Crim Pro is also HELPFUL, especially cops'n'robbers, because you cover all the search and seizure stuff that will actually come up in the day to day lives of people you know. Like, over New Years, I got to tell a high school friend that his lawyer sucked, b/c he pleaded him out on a possession charge that was based on a totally illegal search subject to a Terry stop. If you need a big juicy Black Letter Law class, I think it's a good time.

I liked Civ Pro okay (I think I found it soothing to know the mechanics of the whole shebang), and I lurved Crim Pro because the cases are more interesting. Murder! Domestic Violence! Kidnapping and the death penalty!

If you want more rules-based stuff and more advisory notes, Evidence has a bunch of stuff like that, and is very useful if you ever want to be in court. Also it's got tricky stuff like hearsay and hearsay-within-hearsay, and impeachment based on past convictions, with little brain-teaser-y problems about dates of convictions and what are they for and when you were released, and then you reoffended, were you reimprisoned on the OLD charge or the NEW charge because if one, then the prosecutor can't bring your conviction in to this NEW trial etc. Kind of like the RAP but much much much much much much less bad.

I definitely agree that if your brain likes Civ Pro and Property during 1L, there is a pretty good chance you will like Crim Pro and Evidence as well. Nothing is quite as clean as Civ Pro, but if you like tricky rules and the way they fit together, those are the way to go.


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« Reply #21 on: March 11, 2009, 11:29:59 AM »
Hello community,

I desprately need a property outline for the book titled - Property  by Dukeminer Krier.  I have the 6th Edition but a 5th Edition outline of the book will suffice.  I am half way through the semester and I don't know *&^%.  If you do not have a Property outline keyed to this book, any GOOD property outline will suffice.  Please help save my spring semester. 


Humble 1L  >:(

Try this site...  = a very very good site!  ;D