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University of St Thomas(Full Tuition) vs Depaul (20k/yr)

University of St Thomas(Full Tuition) vs Depaul (20k/yr)
« on: February 05, 2009, 10:11:28 PM »
I posted this question in another thread but I think it belongs here. Basically, it is a choice between University of St Thomas in Minneapolis with full tuition or Depaul with $20,000 a year. In this economy I'm afraid of going too far into dept but Depaul seems to be the better school with the better connections. But St Thomas, from what I've read, seems very respectable. I think I should also state that I'm going to law school because I want to be a trial lawyer(defense/prosecuter) and eventually I'd like to be a judge so there is probably no big payday waiting for me immediatly after law school. Do you think the dept occured at Depaul is worth it? Also, I'm not too concernd about where I practice as long as it is a mid-size to big city so Minneapolis or Chicago would be fine by me. 

Re: University of St Thomas(Full Tuition) vs Depaul (20k/yr)
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Chicago is a very saturated market with schools ranked very highly.  I have heard stories where students with top grades at lower ranked schools still had a hard time finding a job.  I would go with the full ride if I were you if you don't mind living in Minneapolis.  Who knows where the economy will be in 3 years