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Hi Guys, I'm new to the site and I haven't seen a topic discussion about the AAMPLE program.

I was just given the opportunity to take part in the program and I was wondering if anyone is going to be doing it this summer or if anyone has participated in it in the past. If you've done this program, do you have any advice or suggestions?? And if you're going to be part of it this summer will you be taking it online or in the class??

Julie Fern:
advice?  shower curtain go on inside.


I'm also taking part in AAMPLE this summer (on-campus). Nervous?

Julie Fern:
not at all.  julie known about shower curtain thing some time now.

Hey, I am urging you NOT to do the program.  I did it this past summer and worked very hard through it and just missed the passing mark (getting right under the required gpa).  I have spoken with many people who also did the online and even the on campus program and found the same thing.  They claim there is no cap on the number of people admitted but it simply is NOT true.  Statistically how can everyone get so close and not pass it?  I suggest going to any other school if you have the chance and if not, reapply.  The advice was posted just like the message I am giving you and I sadly did not follow it.  I figured it was someone who was angry and possibly did not work hard.  I totally agree with their assessment and am most upset over the money wasted on the program.  I currently am a law student at a different law school and am doing well.  This program is simply a way for NOVA to make money off of students with less than superior lsat scores and it is a shame.


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