Law School Discussion

Thoughts based on reviewing the profiles of attorneys at top firms in my area.


Notes: I live in detroit.
I realize this is anecdotal please no comments saying as much.

1. Hopefully this comes as a comfort to you where ever you are. It wasn't the top 14s only club that I feared it might be. There were multiple attorneys from every Michigan school including the dreaded, Cooley, especially in Miller Canfield which has offices in Lansing. I didn't do a tally but Wayne State seemed to have the most alums followed by UofM, MSU(formerly Detroit College of Law), UDM, and Cooley.

2. As for non-local schools there were a number of attorneys who went to school at east coast top 14's but also a surprising number that went to non-top 14 tier 1's like Notre Dame, Washington University, Fordham, American, Emory, Boston College, Boston U, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and University of Texas though not as many as came from any local school.

3. Outside of tier 1 there were a very few who went to other schools in the region like Depaul, Case Western, Toledo Valparaiso and Ohio Northern. However, there were virtually none that went to schools outside of the great lakes region save an IP specialist from Pierce, one person from Villanova, and another person who went to Nova Southern.     

4. Conclusions: This exercise helped reinforce what I had already thought which is that if you can't get into a tier 1 it's better to go to a lower ranked school in the region where you want to practice than a higher ranked school outside the area. Even Toledo which is only a hour away doesn't seem to have the sort of placement that the Michigan schools do in the area. It also seemed to refute the silly non-sense that your career is doomed if you don't go to a top 30 or top 50 school.