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Top Law Students Needed to FIll PT Positions -- 167 LSAT or Better

We are a legal services startup founded by two recent Rice graduates -- and we need smart, ambitious PT associates! 

This position requires you to help small law firms with research/writing projects or other support tasks -- typical Summer Associate tasks, or even simpler.  You can work from anywhere in the world, as many or as few hours a day as you want -- you just log onto our website, and projects will be waiting for you.  And you get to pick the ones you want to work on!   

Not only will you get paid $25 an hour, but it's an opportunity to build a portfolio of projects, make contacts with firms, and explore different areas of the law.   

You will be an independent contractor and will have to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Here's specifically what we are looking for:

-167 LSAT or better*
-Law firm experience*
-You don't mind competing with others for projects (first come, first serve)
-Availability* (School-year? Summers? Post-graduation?)

Please include descriptions of the * items in the body of your email.  Attach CV.