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how does lsac compute gpa? i don't get it

how does lsac compute gpa? i don't get it
« on: January 30, 2009, 06:05:39 AM »
i have some questions:

1) while computing gpa, does lsac consider all your grades and create a general gpa or just arrange/organize your semester gpa's? i mean do they arrange each of your semester records -like the one our colleges do- or they consider all your courses as if it were a long one whole semester?

2) so, by taking more courses each semester -7 instead of 5 for example- can someone boost her gpa?

3)my college doesn't have a+ in grading scale. if my professors send a notification about (or my college) my grades above 98, would lsac consider them as a+?
4) what's the impact of double major on admission? positive, negative, neutral?

i m a new member, so i m sorry if those questions were asked before -probably someone asked- but i couldn't find them all  :D