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Nova or Stetson????


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Re: Nova or Stetson????
« Reply #20 on: June 10, 2010, 11:36:14 AM »
Contract kept saying Nova kicks out 20% of their class again that is not true. They had 20% attrition rate, but 10% or so transferred out to higher ranked schools. You have to look at the difference between academic and other when looking at the LSAC attrition rates. If it is other then they did not fail out people either transferred, decided they did not like law school, or possibly got lucrative job offer in some other profession, had family problems and god only knows what other could entail. However, no school has a mandatory kick out rate. Why would they do that? Tier 4 schools are not part of some evil scam to put people in law school and kick them out. Why would they even do that? The schools want student's money they are a business at the end of the day, so why would they have a mandatory kick out rate. If after a year of law school a student does look like they can even come close to passing the bar they have to be kicked out that is part of ABA guidelines. It is the right thing to do if they kept them in for another two years and took their money knowing they couldn't pass the bar that would be WRONG and that is why the ABA imposes that restriction.

It would be like a personal trainer going up to a 5'6 slow white guy and telling the 5'6 guy to pay  him 30,000 a year so he has a shot at the NBA. That would be wrong.

At the end of the day law school is what YOU make of it. The name of your school really does not matter all that much unless you go to an elite school like Harvard.  At my internship currently people all go to different schools some ranked way higher than others. I am a 1L and there are some 2L interns and do you know where the 2L who all the attorney's like the most went to school? None other than Florida Coastal  far from an elite school, but he did a good job the year before and all the attorney's in the office love him. It was what HE made of his internship not the name of his school that got him a position etc. He is only 2L intern with an office he does good work and knows he what he is doing there are numerous other 2L interns, but during our training session they all told us to go to him because they he knows what he is doing. Other 2L interns go to Hastings, Santa Clara and just higher ranked schools, but clearly the attorney's don't think as highly of those interns as they do about the guy from Florida Coastal.