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Class of 2012 - aka prospective students who got admitted for Fall 09.

Hi, I was accepted into Pierce law - got the acceptance letter recently.
Background - bachelors and masters in biomedical engineering - interested in IP/Patent Law. Obviously interested in Pierce law because of the number 5 ranking of IP Law in the country. But the fact it's Tier 3 ranking, kinda puts me off!! So anyone have comments on that?? Whether they recommend attending Pierce Law or not.
I am still waiting to hear from schools in NJ and other places. I am a resident of NJ, so going up to NH would be quite a drive.
Here are some more questions if people can comment on:
1. Housing? Apts or dorms?
2. What is the rent?
3. Is the Campus close to an airport?
4. Is it an expensive area to live in?
5. It gets cold up there - what is the avg. monthly heating bill? AKA Monthly expenses excluding the rent.
6. How big is the campus - and how far are these dorms/apts from the campus?
7. Is it a safe place to live?

Any input is welcome.

Re: Class of 2012 - aka prospective students who got admitted for Fall 09.
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Hello.  I can answer most of your questions.  Even though Pierce is a tier 3 school, it is well-renowned for IP and there are IP lawyers, speakers, and firm representatives presenting and recruiting at the school throughout both the fall and spring semesters.  The school is also getting well known for its Daniel Webster Honors Program.  It is the only program in the nation that incorporates a large amount of practical skills--you do lots of pre-trial, trial advocacy, actual transactions, etc.  It is a pretty unique thing and some IP students choose to participate in it.

In reply to your specific questions:
1) There are several apartment complexes within 2-3 miles from the school.  There are also many houses  near the school that students rent.  These are all within walking distance (some right across the street).

2) Rent varies depending on whether you have a roommate or not.  Apartment prices are in the $700-$900 range, depending on your preferences.

3) The Manchester Airport is about 20 miles away.  I believe the Boston Airpot is about 70 miles away and about an hour drive.

4) Besides housing, I'd say the area is not expensive at all.

5) My heating bill has ranged between $50 and $75 in the winter.

6) There really isn't a campus--it's just a school building with a few buildings nearby that handle administrative services.  However, White Park is right across from the school.  It is a big nice park that has ice staking in the winter.  Pierce is a small school but has a very intimate vibe.

7) It is a very safe place to live.