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I have several offers on the table at NYC firms but I chose to do a clerkship for a federal judge.  Although you give up on a lot of money you could potentially make over the summer (externships with judges are not paid), you get invaluable experience from a perspective you would otherwise never get.

ButBees, the reason why I wrote that I considered Rutgers-Newark is because that school is considered to be in the NYC area.  So in my case where it was pay a lot and go to a high ranked school or pay nothing and go to a lower ranked school I feel that I should have given the money more thought considering that they are both in the area that I want to work and the fact that I want to go into public interest and Rutgers has an excellent reputation for their public interest programs.

That said, I'm guessing you're saying you love the city as well. 30k spread over 3 years, all considered, is not prohibitively expensive.  I'm biased because I'm in love with the city but if I was in your position I would pick the school in NYC and pay the additional 30k in tuition over three years.  Keep in mind though that living expenses in NYC is ridiculous.  You can PM me with specifics if you want advice.