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Waiting one year.. what to do?


Waiting one year.. what to do?
« on: January 20, 2009, 01:08:19 AM »
Hi all,

I found this website very helpful with my last post, so I appreciate honest opinions. I am graduating in May - a year early from college, and after a disappointing lsat score, I have decided to reapply for the fall '10 cycle. "yeyy..."

Right now, I have two options. Profs are telling me one thing, advisor another, parents (still) pounding me to decide... what do you think?
1. Work for a year. Right now, I have two internships lined up. I have worked all throughout undergrad in a professional setting. I would love more of this kind of experience, but do law schools really look at experience? Worth it?
2. Accept an offer for a master's from an Ivy. But, do I want to bank on an extra $35,000+ student debt on top of law school? Will the skills I gain from a master's degree help me personally? Why get a master's degree when law schools only look at Ugrad gpa (mine, 3.79)? The reason I state 'a year early' is because I have already taken graduate courses, and plus, I have the ambition and academic dedication to complete my master's in one year. No one questions my ability, but is it even worth it?

Lsat score was in the mid 150s. Yuck! I was scoring MUCH higher on practice tests, in fact I laughed when I saw my score and considered my undergraduate record. I will dedicate my summer to this darn test, but I refuse to accept an offer from a school when I know that I can do better, given a better lsat score.

On a lighter note, just got in from a flight from Las Vegas to Washington airport. Inauguration security is ..crazy..  :o


Re: Waiting one year.. what to do?
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2009, 07:02:32 PM »
you should check out my LSN, because I was in a pretty similar situation (down to the parents pushing me to just go to law school, and advisors pushing me to get a PhD).  I ended up doing both a one year master's and working for a year.  I'm glad I did both, and I think the more time you take before law school, the better.

That said, if I could only chose one, I think that working for a year gives you a greater depth of experience.  You learn to function better as an independent adult, you have some professional experience to tout in firm interviews, and you get to remind yourself of how AWESOME it is to be in school.  I am not sure whether a master's from an Ivy will help more than a master's from anywhere else...I guess that might depend on where you went to UG.