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Author Topic: Accepted at UoP McGeorge!  (Read 1012 times)


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Accepted at UoP McGeorge!
« on: January 20, 2009, 02:02:28 AM »
I received my acceptance to UoP McGeorge, and I am really excited about it, but aside from what I have read from Princeton Review and US News I do not know much about the campus, student life, faculty.  Anyone care to share any input, I am planning on visiting the campus next month!

Also another tidbit, this was my first acceptance letter, and I am awaiting about 15 more decision letters.  I am a SoCal native, and I would ideally want to "settle down" in SoCal, but McGeorge has offered me some scholarship money (roughly 20% of my annual tuition).  Upon reading several publications, I am concerned about McGeorge's reputation as a regional school.  Is there any basis for this claim?  Thanks for your input!