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Prep test 30 section 2 LR Help


Prep test 30 section 2 LR Help
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Help please,

Prep test 30 section 2 LR.

#11: answer choice is D and says some implicit promises are worse to break than some explicit ones. The stimulus says "so even if you promised jeanne that you would tell me...,you should not tell me that...".  I feel like that is the main part of the stimulus I should focus on.  But do i just automatically assume the promise between jeanne is implicit because of the "conversation" about "you would tell teacher she is home sick"? Please clarify.  I chose C.

#17: i can't quite figure out the difference the answer(B) is trying to portray.  the % of people from the service profession who serve on the boards v. %of the members of these boards who are from the service professions. Those two sound the same to me.  Please clarify.

#20: this stimulus is basically saying if one is able to indicate how the public will benefit then, the continued funding is justified.  also, "there would not be public support for the project..." so this project that is receiving or trying to receive funding is not able to indicate the benefits? Why is the answer E? Please clarify.

#22: the stimulus says that if the rattle is not brittle one can figure out the age of the snake.  The stimulus concludes that "one could determine the age simply from the number of sections in the rattle because one new section is formed every time the snake molts.  So I thought the assumption should have been the snake molts exactly once a year (A). By molting exactly once a year, there is going to be one indicating section on the rattle per year, being able to figure out the age of the snake.  However, the real answer choice makes slight sense as well.  (E); the molt's frequency is same when food is scarce or plenty.  this assumption shows that the snake molts no matter what its environment is like, making molting a unhindered process - there for allowing the age to be found effectively/accurately.  So how do i distinguish between these two choices? Why is E right and not A?

#26: I limited the answer choices down to B and C. I unfortunately chose C.  the correct answer was B.  I'm just really confused with this stimulus.  Please clarify.

Thanks,  also, hopefully from this post, people who were trying to help me with my other post "HOW?..frustration.." can see how I am thinking through the LR questions....

Thanks again!