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Getting started. . .


Getting started. . .
« on: January 15, 2009, 11:32:38 PM »
I still in the midst of juggling PS topics. I was wondering if this was a  good start and/or topic for a *very rough* draft:

Only took me 40 seconds that time. For the 80th-or-so time, I timed myself to pass the time while I worked at my parent’s restaurant. As the only son of two Chinese immigrants, it was apparently my “duty” to work. Of course, alongside duty came obedience and loyalty to my family. I had become a follower in a web of values that included communalism, fealty, and a good education. As a result, I unquestioningly worked 13-hour-days along with my parents, with breaks to finish homework or watch TV when business was slow. School did not make me question my parent’s teachings until I got to high school years later.

Ultimately, I doing my childhood "values" of communalism, to individualism later on, then having a event to brought me to realize I needed to balance the two ideologies in my life.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Getting started. . .
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2009, 12:23:10 PM »
It sounds like you have some great ideas.  You might want to try to turn it into a statement about how you had a strong work ethic as a child due to your upbringing and how you have turned this experience into a life long love of learning and how you now desire to challenge yourself even more/work harder in law school and your career (if that is accurate).  You might want to focus on one particular instance from your childhood (working at the restaurant, trying to balance the dual ideologies) that has a profound impact on your decision to go to law school.  Although you do want to have a catchy opening for whatever you decide to write about, you also want to make sure that the main focus/central theme of your statement is evident from the beginning. Good luck! I would love to see a draft once you have one.

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