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Do Romanians qualify for AA?

Do Romanians qualify for AA?
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:22:00 PM »
I have Romanian ancestors. Can I check off the "latino" box?

Also, how do they check on origin? I have Argentinian ancestors as well, even though I do not speak any Spanish. How can I prove law schools that I have Argentinian heritage?


Re: Do Romanians qualify for AA?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2009, 11:32:03 PM »
you have to check whatever you checked for UG admissions. stop trying to claim URM when it's convenient. if you were raised white, be okay with it and check off the box. if you speak spanish, check off the latino box. you might be taking a spot away from some worthy real URM (which from this post sounds like you're not). based on your reasoning, despite my pearly skin, i'm quite black since my ancestors theoretically came out of africa.

don't be ridiculous

Re: Do Romanians qualify for AA?
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2009, 11:05:13 PM »
Strictly by virtue of being a Romanian, you do not qualify as a URM, but there are many ways to skin the cat. You can still be URM if handicapped, sensory impared or GLBT. You may qualify as "socio-economically disadvantaged" if you were poor, grew up in an impoverished or war-torn neighborhood or country, or are a survivor of a gruesome crime or child abuse, or were a ward of the state (i.e., orphan/unadopted foster child).

And if you are older (i.e., 30+) or a current or former Olympic or pro athlete, a military veteran, current or former police officer or firefighter, or a single parent (widowed male, divorced/unmarried/widowed female), you may qualify as "non-traditional", which can be just as powerful.

Also, if you cared for an elderly relative or mentally/physically disabled child for an extended time, they might treat you as disadvantaged or non-traditional, depending on the school and your specific circumstances. If this is you and it impacted your ability to perform to your maximum ability during undergrad, you'll want to tell the adcoms.

The other advice I have is, do not fake the funk. If you did not grow up disadvantaged and do not come from a historically disadvantaged group (i.e., URM - Black, Latino, Cambodian, etc), it is not something to take lightly. Such claims need to be real, and the people who come from such groups have truly endured hardships that have weakened their abilities to compete on a level playing field. Many of them come from families with inter-generational poverty dating back several decades, if not centuries.

War vets and police have risked their lives to protect your freedom, and have already demonstrated their commitment to public service. They deserve preference. Olympic athletes have demonstrated an incredible amount of dedication and discipline, and sacrificed their educations to be the best at their sports, or, in many cases, have outperformed their peers academically, despite being pushed by parents and coaches beyond our comprehension.

Single parents, especially single mothers, have had to remake their entire lives, often while caring for children and putting themselves last. And you know what GLBT have gone through. They fear for their lives every day in some parts of the country.

Besides, athletes can actually pay their own tuition with one check! lol! The schools have to let them in.