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New US News Part-Time Rankings Affecting Admissions at University of Houston??

I was wondering if anyone who has any insights into the Adcomms would be able so shed some light on how the Part-Time Ranking, as well as the possible combining of the part-time and full time stats being combined has had on the admissions process at UH.  I applied Part-time I have been "in review" since December 2nd so I am just curious if they just take this long normally, or if they are just trying to wait it out.

If you've only been complete for about 5 weeks, I'd say that's pretty normal

nope I went complete in late october/early november, i've been "in review" since december 2nd.

Oh, alright. Yeah, ten weeks is definitely a different story than five. I'd probably contact someone at the school if you don't get some sort of feedback soon, just to see what's up.

Yeah I want to, but how do you go about asking them without looking like a jerk?

Hey I've been complete at U of H since early November and I still haven't heard a decision yet.  It will come, they just take a while.

yeah I was complete at the end of October, my file status says "In Review"

but at any rate I emailed them and the lady said expect to hear towards the end of February...I guess they just take a whole bunch of files at once and then review them but change all their statuses or something.

Best of luck to everyone!


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Wow... so now US NEWS is going to rank PT law programs?? wow... that is going to make it even harder on incomming students. PT evening programs were great b/c they would allow admissions to select students who they personally thought would be a good fit for the school even if they had lower than normal incoming stats. So they would put them in the pt program, this way they would duck the US NEWS rankings... now since there are PT rankings they can not duck them anymore.
   I don't think it will make that much a differnce in how prospective students select schools, b/c most students will go by the original rankings of the school, which i think may carry more weight overall than the PT ranking. Especially if a student decides to move into full time after their first year. In the end, i think all these rankings are getting rediculous!! lol soon they will start ranking the bathroom stalls and water foutains!! lol

Robert Morse wrote about it in his blog...judging by the way he explained and defined what constitutes a PT program, it seems like he is leaning towards separating them instead of combining.

I submitted my application to UH at the beginning of December... My file went "in review" sometime last week. Anyone know how long they typically review a file before the decision is mailed?