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Hey guys, im stuck on a particular question, i know it involves misrepresentation, could you give me advise on how to structure this 2000 word essay, with what points. Many thanks!

Cyril, an antique dealer, tells Debbie, a law student, that a vase she is admiring is: “a genuine piece of Chinese porcelain worth £10,000 which once belonged to a famous judge, Lord Denning.”  Debbie examines the vase for five minutes but fails to notice that the base is stamped, “Made in England, 1995”.  She purchases the vase immediately after examining it.  Six months later Debbie discovers that the vase is not an antique and has never belonged to Lord Denning.  When she tries to recover her money from Cyril he replies that she should have seen for herself that the vase was not an antique and that anyway nobody would care whether or not it had belonged to a retired judge which was irrelevant to the sale. Also he says Debbie should have been aware of the notice (2’ x 2’) on the shop wall which stated “Beware: Customer’s liable to pay for breakages.  Management not liable for any injury to persons or property or for any warranty express or implied as to age, value or provenance of any item sold”.

Advise Debbie.