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Selling Casebooks and Study Aids - Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Property

Most books have little to know writing. There are a few cases that are marked up in each casebook, but I would say no more than 5-7 cases per casebook. The study aids are practically brand new. I made a point not to mess up the pages or write too much in any of them. E-mail me for specific books and I will look at them and let you know the condition. One thing about the casebooks - They are chopped up. I chopped them up to make them lighter so I could carry them around easier. BAsically, the bindings are removed and I have the sections stapled together. so instead of having to carry around the entire book, you could just take chapter 5 with you. It really helped me out. You will get the cover so you can have. Priced as marked, but I am willing to negotiate if you want more than 1 book. Payment is paypal, and I know the semester is starting soon, so I will leave the shipping method up to you. Large Flat Rate priority mail is only 12.95, I know I can fit a lot of books in one box, so buy a lot of them and save. I have many pics of the books that I can e-mail to you.


Singer Casebook - Property Law - Fourth Edition $30
Singer - Introduction to Property $20
Casenote Legal Briefs - keyed to Singer Casebook $12
The Glannon Guide to property $15
Examples and Explanations - Property $16


Fuller and Eisenberg 8th edition - Basic Contract law $35
Concepts and Analysis in the law of contracts 5th edition $18
Contract Law Selected Source Materials - 2008 edition $18
Legalines - keyed to fuller casebook $12
casenote legal briefs keyed to fuller casebook $12
High Court Case summaries keyed to fuller casebook $15
Examples and Explanations - contracts $14
Emanuel's law outlines - contracts $20

Civil Procedure

Friedenthal Civil Procedure - 2008 revised 9th edition $35
Glannon guide to civil procedure $20
Civil Procedure Example and Explanation $18
Legalines civil procedure keyed to Friedenthal $12
High Court Case Summaries keyed to Friedenthal $20
The Power of Procedure $5
The Buffalo Creek Disaster $2
Federal Rules of civil Procedure 2008 $5
Emanuel's Civil Procedure law outline - newest edition $20

Civil Procedure Hornbook - Friedenthal $25

Getting to Maybe Brand New $10
Law School Competitions $5

anybody? I will ship really fast.

Sent you a pm back. Paypal is best

the civil procedure hornbook is still available. All books not crossed out are still available.

I still have these books. Who wants them.